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The Work & Rants of Arlo Rose

Hi, I'm Arlo Rose

I'm currently the General Manager, Product and Design Architect for Verizon’s Alto group.

Prior to AOL/Verizon, I was VP of Design at Houzz where I gave Houzz a unique visual voice through marketing and branding on the web and mobile. I've also served as VP Product for Home & TV at Nuance, and before that was the founder of Konfabulator, the first desktop widget platform (introduced in 2002), which was acquired by Yahoo! where I sculpted it into the Primetime Emmy Award winning Connected TV platform. I also spent time at Apple in the mid-nineties, creating an updated user experience for the Mac OS, redefining Linux usability at Eazel, making web-based server administration easy to use at Sun and PGP, and creating a genre of computer and consumer electronic device customization where I was called "The grandfather of consumer customization" by Newsweek.

When I'm not creating products for a living, I'm (hopefully) somewhere taking pictures.