product • design • marketing • front-end engineering

Member Services

My role in Member Services focused on Product Management and Design Leadership for Verizon Media’s help, billing, customer retention, subscription lifecycle, and subscription platforms, overseeing a platform with over $1B in financial throughput and $600M in revenue.

Subscription Services & Marketing

I focused creative direction on up-leveling the visual and interaction quality of the subscription lifecycle. A big piece of this enabled and supported the design team to make decisions and run A/B tests to try new ideas for advancing the visual quality, usability and keeping customers in the funnel. Ultimately we made it easier for customers to accomplish the tasks we wanted to, inform them of more details that could positively impact their decisions, and bring the look and feel up to modern standards.

Open Recurring Billing

One of our internal projects was to improve our platform for managing subscription and payment data. The system my team developed allowed for an easy understanding of where payment drop-offs were coming from, if a range of cards had a global failure, or identifying other payment-related issues. With this new platform, product management and marketing could test pricing, sales, trial periods, and trigger marketing mail events without engineering intervention. The platform is used internally for Yahoo, AOL, and some Verizon products.

Member Pulse

Member Pulse was an early project my team created and developed. It was a platform for gathering all customer feedback across all organizations allowing a product manager or leadership to check in real-time. It was also a great way to aggregate customer feedback to influence feature direction.